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The Postural Dialogues Chapter Two The Law of Attraction

Posted on January 31, 2013 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (138)
Part Two: The Law of Attraction
Chris Wood, R.M.T., B.A., B.Ed., D.S.W.
“What is the one consistent factor that helps us to determine whether someone is attractive to us or not?” asked Emma.
As I sipped on my tea and considered her question I looked around the table at my friends to judge their reactions to another one of Emma’s famous “What do you think” questions.
“Height and weight” said Anne.
“No Anne, its brains and humour.   This is definitely a personality thing.” replied Sarah.
“No, it’s definitely personal grooming.” answered Matt with his fiancé Ashley quickly adding, “and smell of course. I just love a man who smells good.”
I waited for all the others to throw out their ideas before providing my own opinion, “I think its proper posture.”
Heads quickly twisted to look at me like I was crazy. 
“Think about it” I said, “everyone has different physical and personality traits that they are attracted to, right?  Some people like members of the opposite sex while others are attracted to people of the same gender.  Some are drawn to taller people, some shorter. The list of what attracts us to others is virtually endless.”
Everyone half nodded in agreement with my thinking but it was Emma who motioned me to elaborate.
I continued my explanation by asking them if, regardless of what their personal tastes are, had they ever noticed someone walking down the street and said, “Wow! They are really attractive.”
I continued by saying, “At that point you may not have even got a good look at the person’s face.  And you definitely didn’t have the chance to talk to them and see what they were like.  So what was it about them that attracted your attention?”
I saw a smile cross over Sarah’s face so I knew they were starting to see where I was coming from.
“What has happened,” I said, “is that you were drawn to how that person stood and moved.  There was something natural and healthy and dare I say beautiful or even sexy about their movement.  That is the one key, consistent factor that first draws our attention to other people.”
“I’m not sure about this Chris.” said Matt. “Let’s see if I get this right. So you are saying that our personal tastes are not the key thing that attracts us to other people.  It is how they stand and hold themselves that does the trick?”
“Initially, yes Matt.”  I replied, “It is like being in a job interview.  As you all know, the most important part of the interview is the first fifteen to thirty seconds as you walk into the room, greet the interviewers, and sit down.  You have to first catch the attention of the interviewers and get them on your side or else you spend the next thirty minutes climbing mountains trying to get their attention and approval.”
“And once you have their attention,” replied Matt with a smile coming onto his face, “Then you can show off all your other qualities.  That does make a lot of sense.”
 “I get it” said Anne, “If someone came in slouched over or moving with obvious pain, my first thought would be, can they actually do the job properly and could they be counted on to be there each and every day, and would they be ready and able to work?”
“And then you would ask the critical but not politically correct question, how would the customers react to them?” Ashley added, “After all, we all know why restaurants hire young attractive women and men as servers, don’t we?”
“Sex sells!” exclaimed Sarah and Anne in unison.
“I’ll take this even one step further.” I said, “When the alignment of your hips is out, your body positions itself in ways that often make you appear heavier than you actually are.  In our weight obsessed world having a good posture and looking thin is very important.”
“Unfortunately you are right.” said Ashley. “Most people usually look at the cover before deciding to look at what is inside.”
“That’s so true Ashley. But if I can go one step further, when you achieve and maintain proper posture more of your muscles are being equally engaged in the balancing act to keep your skeleton properly aligned.  This is very good as your movements then look more controlled and powerful, which adds to the sense of health and beauty.”
“Of course,” I added “when your body is properly aligned, you also decrease the aches, and pains that occur when one muscle is much stronger than the others and pulls your other muscles and bones out of alignment.  Basically through proper posture you feel better.”
“Wait a minute” said Sarah, “If my body is in proper posture, would that mean there‘d be less stress lines throughout my body and my skin would look more healthy and youthful?”
“That’s right Sarah,” I answered, “When the opposing muscles are in balance they aren’t pulling at each other and the skin that covers them.  This happens a lot in places like your lower back, neck, or stomach.”
“So how do you get this great posture” asked Matt “I suppose you will say that as a massage therapist you can do all this, right:?”
“Massage is good Matt, but it works best when used in conjunction with other practices Matt,” I said, “As a Registered Massage Therapist I work with my clients, other health care professionals, and even personal trainers to first heal the body’s injuries, then relax and lengthen muscles that are tight or in spasm. Next we create, implement, monitor and modify an exercise program that strengthens the client’s muscles to the point of achieving muscle balances throughout the body. 
“This is how we as a team help each client to improve their posture.”
“Wow!” said Emma, “This isn’t exactly where I thought this discussion would take us but it has given me some things to think about and explore.”
 Please note that the story you have just read is not based on specific people.  The conversation is fictional and has been created to explain the importance of proper posture.  Please read the future segments of this series to learn more about posture and the various conditions that occur as a result of improper or poor posture and what you can do to improve yourself.
Chris Wood, R.M.T., B.A., B.Ed., D.S.W.